Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Björk - Vulnicura

As seems to be the case with most of Björk's recent albums, Vulnicura has some good songs, some a bit too pretentious, and a couple that just absolutely crush. "Stonemilker" instantly jumped into my hypothetical top 10 Björk songs list the instant I heard it. All hail Björk. Love you B.

Fórn - The Departure of Consciousness

Leave it to Doom bands to come up with more and more creative ways to say "death". The Departure of Consciousness is so hard to stop listening to. The composition on this album is damn near flawless. When you feel like you are caving under the weight of these songs, you are relieved with an instantly catchy riff or a softer instrumental interlude. The album swells and recedes with a natural grace of a black ocean. The final track is titled "Cerebral Intermission", which is too damn fitting. This track serves as a moment for the listener to reflect before track one comes crawling back, inviting the listener back into it's murky depths.

Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat

Napalm Death is fucking intense. I realize I use the word "intense" a lot. But just listen to the clip below and try to pick a different word to describe them. 

Apex Predator - Easy Meat is an extremely unique record. The riffs are incredibly fast and at times incomprehensible, but the shining star for me are the vocals. They are absolutely terrifying. Not in an evil or creepy way like most metal, but more like an "I do believe that man might severely injure me" sort of way. When the vocalist isn't threatening to smash my face against the pavement, he is singing in a baritone-but-still-sort-of-yelling way that brings an excellent flavor to the album. 

Also, I just purchased tickets to see Napalm Death live this Saturday. Uh oh.